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It is Highly adviseable to take one on one private Yoga Therapy for chronic ailments. Specific poses will be given. And for heart or cancer patients it is essential. It will save you money and prevent other injuries.

Tysu has studied Ayurveda with Dr. Sarita Shristha, Dr. Sarasvati Buhrman, Western medicine with Dr. John O Hearn, and John Douillard, Ashtnanga Yoga with Richard Freeman, Classical Hatha Yoga with Susan Flanders, Prana Yoga for several years. SRF Kriyaban since 1982.

Yoga Therapy for whatever ails you:
Back aches, neck aches, restless leg syndrome, hypothyroid, insomnia, depression, knee problems, Female problems such as incontinence, menopaus, and etc.

Prenatal Yoga:
By regular Yoga practice, you can alleviate different stress points of discomfort caused by changes occurring during pregnancy. Yoga practice will bring more energy, focus, concentration and strengthen the internal mechanism involved in delivery of your baby. Create more happiness and attunement with your baby.

Inversion Yoga Workshop:
Learn how to safely do headstand; hand balances, shoulder stand, detailed instructions and one on one attention will be given.

Yoga for menopause:
Why do we get hot flashes and night sweats? Mood swings are driving me and others crazy. Why do we have such mood swings? Insomnia? We will discuss hormones, helpful herbs, and Yoga asanas that makes us feel better. Breathing techniques that are helpful in alleviating hot flashes, plus more.

Yoga for self improvement:
Would you like to improve a certain posture you wish you could get better at? Perhaps a more advance posture you wish you could do in an individual setting? Or you would like to know something about Yoga? Then consider a private yoga session.

Tysu has studied and practice Yoga since 1968 and is an SRF Kryiaban since 1982.

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