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"When i came to yoga class one month ago, i came with health problems and deep depression. i have a herniated disc in my neck and one in my lower lumbar also. i have a place in the center of my back where the disc has disintigrated and is gone. i had pain every day. The doctors gave me perscriptions for pills i did not want to take, so i came to yoga class because i thought it might help the pain.
I took one private class where you told me alternative ways to do some positions. You asked me for the exact discs that are bad, and showed me how to work them gently so they could begin to heal. You even gave me advice from Aruveda to try.
I came to class every day, at least 5 days a week. I started to notice a difference in the first week, when we did the foot regeneration in class. Suddenly my left foot which had been painful and swollen for months, was beginning to improve. i also noticed i was was mentally sharper! I told my husband all about yoga class, i was so excited! I showed him how we seperate our toes, and rub our feet. My husband has severe gout, which affects the feet and is very painful. I thought if i did just the foot regeneration on his feet every day, it might help. So i have been doing it for him for 2 weeks. First his ankles started to loosen up. Then his toes started to get better, and his gait improved. He says he walks better now, and can sleep through the night without waking up from the pain. He asks me for the yoga foot treatment every night!
Another position we do to move the energy up and down the spine is slowly helping my back. It's actually getting straighter and the pain is much, much better. I can't believe how much yoga has helped my family! I am so happy i started coming to yoga class! Now i know i won't be forced to take medicines i don't want or have surgery.
It isn't just the yoga, though. You are a tremendous instructor, Tysu. The way you do the class makes it a wonderful, stress-free place that i look forward to coming to every day. I love the meditations and the way we sing in class. You make it so much fun to come. I want to take this chance to tell you how grateful i am, and to thank you." -Chris

"This week marks my 10th anniversary of yoga with Tysu. That's close to 500 Friday mornings! I am 65 now, and every bit as strong as I was all those years ago. I am a lot more flexible, and have no aches, no pains, and no joint problems. Making this commitment is one of the best things I've ever done for myself!" -Linda

"Yoga has been very good for my cycling fitness and flexibility. In the summer months when the legs develop more muscles, I usually become less flexible and more prone to injury. Yoga has helped me to become more limber which has improved my strength, endurance and fitness. Yoga with Tysu also helps to calm the mind so that you feel energized and ready for the rest of the day and week." -Bob

"Yoga by Tysu is the best thing that has happened to me and my health. After doing unlimited yoga with Tysu both Ashtanga and Hatha I am off blood pressure medication and anti anxiety medication. I have had high blood pressure for fifteen years and have been on and off medication with my blood pressure never below 138/90. I have also taken many different types of medication over the years for anxiety and OCD (Obssessive Compulsive Disorder). I have practiced yoga with Tysu for the past 5 months on average 3 times a week (I would go everyday if I could) and am off all medications with a normal blood pressure 120/70! It hasn't been that low since I was a teenager! I have learned many breathing and meditation techniques that have helped to control anxiety. I've also lost weight and feel alot stronger. I always look forward to class. Thanks Tysu for the inspiration. You are a joy to be around!" With love, -Christine

"I am 64 years old. My wife passed away couple of years ago, and ever since then, I’ve been waking up middle of the night once or twice and couldn’t fall back to sleep. I took several private Yoga with Tysu and now I sleep all through the night." -Russell

"I started Yoga in the year of 2000 because my aerobics class was suspended for the summer. I never went back. I am much stronger now, more flexible and have more core strength. Tysu is a marvelous teacher. I’ve grown to love her as a person in addition to her excellent teaching and example." -Roberta

"Tysu has a beautiful energy and is very interested in helping her students to attain their best in Yoga and in life. I feel like a new person after each of her classes." -Alexis

"Tysu is the best Yoga instructor I’ve ever met. And I’ve met quite a few. She explains the poses well to avoid injuries by being careful. She is always cheerful." -Steve

"This class has been excellent for me. It has helped me to overcome chronic hip pain." -Travis

"Yoga helped me with general wellness. Helped prevent anxiety, helped to lead a better life style, promote elimination. Keeps a flexible spine, eliminate back pain." -Zack

"My physical therapist recommended Yoga to help relieve recurring neck pain caused by stenosis in my cervical vertebrae. Since taking Yoga (March 2007) I have been virtually pain free." -Ellen

"Testimonial. I have been registered since June 2006. I have severe arthritis in my neck and had been unable to sit up straight or rotate my neck side to side. Tysu has helped me with my medical limitations. Now I can sit up straight and I have 180 degree rotation and movement in my neck. I have gone from acupuncture treatments every 3 weeks to a visit every 3 months. I am a living proof that Yoga works. For those with arthritis, cheers to tysu for her guidance and patience. The first 4 months were difficult for me. She gave me careful instructions. It was her encouragement that kept me coming. I now feel great. I do classes 3 – 4 times per week." -Susan

"I like the spiritual aspect of Yoga Tysu has brought into my life." -Jane

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Gurudeva Paramahansa Yogananda

Lord Patanjali -Supreme Yoga master

Lord Dhanvantari -Supreme doctor of Ayurveda

Richard Freeman - Ashtanga Master

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Dr. Sarita Shristha of Nepal - Ayurvedic medicine, Women's health, Yoga of Asthma and Diabetes.

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