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Teaching Semi-private, Private and Corporate yoga.

Yoga classes are open for Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. (See schedule) All classes are gentle Hatha Yoga, 10:30am – 12 noon.

My Yoga perspective:

Instead of hand shake or a hug, do Namaste bow—brings harmony and peace. A symbol of honoring one another. Eat nourishing organic foods. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Stay away from sugary and junk food. Practice Hatha Yoga. Especially all the shoulder and arm movements to increase immune system we have been doing in yoga classes. Walking or biking are very helpful to move the lymphatic system at the lower extremities of the body. Practice deep breathing: Inhale from the belly hold it as long as you can comfortably then exhale through the mouth slowly several times. (3X -- 5X) And if the holding the breath is not painful, your lungs are in pretty good shape. Alternate nostril breathing (Nadi Shodana) as taught in the class. Keeps the Right and Left nostrils open and functioning well. Power Breathing: Inhale deeply, then exhale squeezing the sphincter muscles and going up higher – holding the exhale. Then Inhale and continue (3X –5X).Inhale from the belly then exhale twice longer tell yourself to relax – feel the relaxation by letting go of all tension.


Take a good dose of Vitamin C to protect the cell membrane. Virus targets the cell wall. Vitamin A protects the mucosa  membrane. Zinc increases the T cells that fight off the viruses. Vitamin D3 the sunshine medicine protects the whole immune system. Sit in the sun and exercise or walk. Sunshine electrocutes the germs. Pray for peace, love and healing,  yourself,  family and friends well being. And let me know if you would like me to place your name(S) on the SRF prayer list?

May God deeply bless each one of you with His Protective Divine Light!!You are in my thoughts and prayers. -Tysu

Thank you


About the Instructor

Tysu is a Yoga Instructor with an unmatched dedication and love for what she does. She has taken her own personal training to the next level. She is certifiied in Classical Hatha Yoga 200, Ashtanga 300, ERYT 500, RYT 500, YOTC.

The best part of a Tysu Yoga class is Tysu's own personal teaching style. She has the experience to know exactly what a student needs.

Take a Tysu Yoga class and walk out feeling peaceful, invigorated, and uplifted.

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"Knowledge is power, but the greatest knowledge is self knowledge"   by Sri Yukteswar

About Yoga

The regular practice of Yoga can provide many real and noticeable benefits. These include more energy, physical and spriritual healing, flexibility, gracefulness, youthfulness, and stress reduction.

By regular Yoga practice of Hatha or Ashtanga Yoga, the Srotas and the 72,000 nadies, or meridian accupuncture points are stimulated for every organ in our body including the brain and the skin. Catch fewer colds and flu bugs from learning some deep breathing techniques.

38 Health Benefits of Yoga

YOGA BY TYSU is available by appointment and limited weekly schedule.
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Why do I practice Yoga?

Yoga has kept me (Tysu) youthful with an exceptional good health! And my body and mind Buzz with Joy!

As we age, the best treasures are Great Health and an Alert Mind!
Do not let life pass you by. Do Yoga with Tysu!

Tysu Jung

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